About The Social Media Advisor Team

The Social Media Advisor Team

The Social Media Advisor Team consists of Hollie and Jeremy Clere.  After owning their own back office support business for the last 10+ years, finding ways to market their niche to a specific industry made for an interesting adventure.  With the launch of social media, they quickly found ways to connect with, stay in contact with and maintain relationships with potential and existing clients.  Documenting the process in a work book called, “Social Media in Telecommunications”, later publishing it in 2011, the focus of the team is education, brand building, social content marketing and business building for their clients.

Together, they focus on social media branding, online marketing and keyword relevance  optimization. No matter the industry, there is a social media marketing program that can be customized for any business.  They utilize their experience and knowledge of the social sites to successfully manage brands, maintain customer retention, prospect new customers and grow an awareness of clients for success of their business. Hollie & Jeremy have extensive experience with LinkedIn, Facebook, HootSuite, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter; with specific focus on Individual Profiles, Company Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Advanced Social Networking strategies. Their ultimate goal is to help each company achieve success with social media.

They believe that every social marketing campaign should encompass:
Ownership – Accountability – Education
** You shouldn’t OWN something you aren’t EDUCATED about
*** You can’t hold your self ACCOUNTABLE for something you don’t OWN
****Without EDUCATION you can’t OWN your brand effectively

We can help with that.

Social Media is changing the way people do business . . . Don’t get left behind!