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Learn how to BOOST your online presence using Social Media!

Social Power Program is an online program training people on:

  • Learn the fundamentals of social media
  • Learn how to build better brand engagement
  • Learn how to enhance your visitors experience
  • Learn how to grow your business using social media strategies

If you want someone to break down aspects of social media to get more clients and build your business using social media, this is the program for you.

Hollie Clere, your Social Media Trainer 

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Ideal for People who
  • Have a social presence or are looking to build a solid social media foundation to promote their business, products and services.
  • Want to get results with social media in the right platforms where their customers are present
  • Want to know how to build a program right for their business to enhance engagement, gain knowledge on the possibilities in social media and perfect techniques that social media gurus use on a daily basis.

Learn how to build your social presence in the right places
where your customers are present!

Stop wasting time in dozens of social media platforms
that aren't the right places for your
niche and brand!

Instead, focus where your niche is spending their time!

Over 1.2 Billion People use the TOP 6 social Media Platforms in daily searches and interact with businesses, friends, family and professional contacts.

We have trained 100’s of Business Professionals how to BOOST their business with Social Media! It is time for you to take advantage of the strategies others have learned to BOOST sales and traffic.

"Hollie is an expert in the field and really knows her stuff. I have yet to not have a question answered and everything is very professional and easy to understand... Before working with Hollie I thought that social media really wasn’t that impressive, just a place to maybe connect with people but not much else. After Hollie revamped my profiles and taught me the RIGHT way to work social media my numbers increased and my relationships grew. After working with Hollie you walk away with a clarity and action plan and you are fully able to put that plan in place easily." Erin Alli, Virtual Business Manager

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  • Are you finding it difficult to build a following in social media?

  • Are you wanting to attract more followers to your brand?

  • Have you created a social presence in the right mediums?

  • Where should you expand your brand?

  • How do you have active conversations?

  • How do you build a following?

  • How do you schedule time in the day to post?

  • How can you sell more of your products and services?

  • How can you develop the right content for your viewers?

  • How can social media work for you?

  • What tools are out there to make social media management smarter not harder?

There is a lot of hype out there about Social Media.

Everywhere in the media,

someone is talking about Online Activity.

You have probably dabbled in it, play in it daily or find your self to be an expert as well. It isn't a marketing program that can be taken lightly. It took years of me playing in over a hundred different social sites to find the tried and true winners in social activity that I will be sharing with you.

It was just like the big website boom, if you didn’t have a website, you didn’t stand a chance in marketing with your customers. Websites took the visibility of a brand to a whole new level. Just like with the direction of the web, social media has become a necessity in online marketing. If you aren't present in the right places, your followers will find someone who is.

Most people aren't using social media to its highest potential; mostly because just building your online presence just isn't enough.

How can you take your online presence to a higher level?

Imagine if you will, growing a follower base to your ideal target market, announcing a new product or service launch and actually gaining business from it!

Social Media can be fun, it can be engaging, it can bring you business.

Wouldn't it be great to understand the ins and outs of social interactions to effectively promote your brand?

Wouldn't it be fun to create a campaign that brings in traffic to your website?

Social Media shouldn't be taken lightly, regardless your industry. Traffic and brand recognition will set the stage for the success of your business now and in the future. 

This program will help you navigate some of your burning questions and take away the road blocks and frustrations you are having in online marketing.

Not only are your customers searching for you, but they are using social media to keep tabs on their favorite brands. If you aren't using social media to market to your customers and potential customers, you are closing a door to future sales as your brand will disappear from your target market.

Unfortunately, many people are using social media incorrectly and it hurts their brand. This program will help you stand apart from the rest with solid campaigns and tools to get you results.

Use Social Media the right way, Start Increasing Traffic to Your Website and Increase engagement with your visitors.

Social Power Program:

Online Training to keep your business standing out from your competition

This program is designed to be a "work at your own pace" program enhanced with videos and work sheets to help you stay accountable to your goals and Ask The Expert calls to get those tough questions answered. The Program uses videos, tools of the trade, bonus "diving deeper" programs and accountability in your online marketing goals.

  • You are marketing your product or service based business online and looking to perfect how social media can get you results
  • You are, or have been overwhelmed by social media and needing tips, tactics and techniques to build successful marketing campaigns
  • You need someone to break down the practical ways to effectively build online social relationships to better your business.

Will Social Media work for your business?

Here is what it has done for me and

100’s of others I have trained …

I have been in business for over 13 years. (Nearly as long as LinkedIn has been around). I wondered the if Social Media would work for my business when I really jumped into marketing. I owned a Virtual Assistant Business that support 37 Telecommunications Agents in the United States. All of my clients at the time came from Referrals and Cold Calling. When I cleaned up my LinkedIn Profile, I found that people began to find me instead of me working so hard to find them. Over time, I developed additional profiles in other platforms and tried on over 30 of them at any given time; specific to my niche. I found I needed to market in just a few of the online platforms where I knew my ideal clients would be. It was easier to manage, easier to maintain activity and worked really well. Once I found success, I wrote a workbook for that industry on how to market in Social Media and have been training people my tried and true strategies for years!

Most People are NOT using Social Media to take them to the next level of business. Mostly because they just don’t know how it works or how to do it.

Get results from your Social Media Marketing!

Eliminate the frustration you have with Social Media

I find that most people are frustrated with Social Media because there can be so much to it. I will help you bring clarity through the variety of online video workshops, worksheets and get your questions answered.

  • Go at your own pace!
  • Only YOU know how you learn best!
  • Learn in an environment that works best for YOU in the comfort of your home or office at any time of day!

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Social Power Program Training Sessions:

The online video workshop teaching you the Ins and Outs of Social Media and how to best optimize it for your business


1) PICK the Program you would like to learn: Either the Storytelling in Social Media Series or the Strategy in Social Media Series ... or BOTH! 

2) VIEW the training videos whenever you want, from wherever you want!

3) WORK at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you need to

4) RECEIVE the Social Marketing E-Book!

5) PARTICIPATE in "Ask the Expert" calls to get YOUR questions answered!



“Pre-Work” Series EVERYONE who has a current membership will have access to:

Social Power Program: Setup for Success

Module 1: Where are your clients?  What platforms do you need?

Module 2: Privacy Settings, Connect, Unfollow, Block

Module 3: Page Manager Navigation

Module 4: Algorithms in Platforms


Social Power Program: Platform Foundations

Module 5: Facebook for Business

Module 6: Twitter for Business

Module 7: Pinterest for Business

Module 8: How to use HootSuite

Module 9: YouTube for Business

Module 10: How to prepare Blogs

Module 11: Instagram for Business

Module 12: LinkedIn for Business



Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Storytelling Series

Module 1: Relationship Conversation

Module 2: Lead Generation Conversation

Module 3: Build Know Like Trust

Module 4: Content Ideas for Social Media Posts


Social Power Program: Tell Your Story – Storytelling Series

Module 5: What is your niche?

Module 6: Weekly Editorial Calendar

Module 7: Monthly Editorial Calendar

Module 8: Tools of the Trade


Social Power Program: Social Media Growth – Storytelling Series

Module 9: How do Hashtags work?

Module 10: Build awareness with your tribe.

Module 11: How to use Live Video

Module 12: Multi-purpose your content



Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Strategy Series

Module 1: Avatar: Who is your ideal client?

Module 2: How does your Avatar engage online?

Module 3: how your content is searchable

Module 4: Who are you?


Social Power Program: Paid Ads – Strategy Series

Module 5: What are your Ad goals?

Module 6: How to establish your budget

Module 7: Creating Ads for Followers

Module 8: Creating Ads for Ideal Demographic Targeting


Social Power Program: Reporting – Strategy Series

Module 9: Google Analytics

Module 10: Facebook Pixel

Module 11: Reading Reports

Module 12: Strategy with your Content

Membership Option 3: BOTH STORYTELLING AND




Social Power Program E-Learning videos

for as little as $33/month or $300/year!

What do you get?

Monthly Storytelling Series:

$33/mo or $300/year – this membership will role into Strategy after the first year

  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Setup for Success
  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Platform Foundations
  • Includes the EBook
  • Includes 1 new Training video each month via Zoom
  • Includes monthly Ask the Expert Webinar via Zoom
  • Includes Access to the Members Only Facebook Group

Monthly Strategy Series:

$33/mo or $300/year – this membership will role into Mastermind after the first year

  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Setup for Success
  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Platform Foundations
  • Includes the EBook
  • Includes 1 new Training video via Zoom
  • Includes monthly Ask the Expert Webinar via Zoom
  • Includes Access to the Advanced Members Only Facebook Group

Monthly Strategy and Storytelling Series Ultimate Combo

(Your Full Marketing Program):

$65/mo or $497/year

This membership will role into Exclusive Mastermind Access after the first year at $33/mo

"[Hollie's] tips, ideas and philosophies helped me shape the face of Social Media posts, theory and how to use the other social media platforms that we were utilizing at all or productively. Since Working with Hollie, the business page for our main product, Perka Buildings was able to surpass 10,000 likes on Facebook, and are now gaining momentum, and actually pulling leads and great conversations right off the Facebook page. I would say that working with the tools and knowledge the Social Media Advisor has provided has changed the course of our social media marketing for the better, and I always refer back to her posts, news and tips for changes in the social realm to stay on top of it all." Paul Gibson – Sales, Marketing and Creative Manager

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What's in it for YOU?

Honestly, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs that can provide tips, tactics and answer questions you have about social media. But, do they speak a language you understand? Are they practically showing you information that has been used in in the industry? Does the resource provide you with tools to make your experience better? Do you really have the time to research every question you have? Can you trust the source? This is why the Social Power Program is for you!

Is cost a factor?

The time alone you could spend on researching, testing and practicing tactics, (not to mention) the cost of your time in doing so could cost you missed revenue opportunities! Continued business from the relationships you will build socially could justify the cost of the program alone.

How valuable IS your time?

Is time a factor?

You go at your own pace. Whether it is 15 minutes a month, a week or a day, we know your time is valuable and we want you to go at a pace that works for you. We have found that depending on your "tech" and experience level, most people want to take the time to work on strategies and perfect them before they move forward. Other people operate best on information download and formulating plans with everything before them. There is no right or wrong answer, you know you best.

Is knowledge a factor?

Knowledge is power, which is the reason you are here. With KNOWLEDGE comes ACCOUNTABILITY, with ACCOUNTABILITY comes OWNERSHIP. We want you toOWN your marketing plans so you can successfully hold your self Accountable to receive optimal Success!

Consider these 5 FACTS:

  • Your customers are online... Where are you found?

  • You can be an expert in your niche and build the Like, Know, Trust factor you are seeking

  • You can build your followers and stand apart from your competition

  • You can increase your sales through marketing through social media

  • You can build marketing campaigns that drive results to your bottom line

"I won't make a move in my Social Media without consulting The Social Media Advisors. I have been working with them to build my LinkedIn connections, and not only have my connections grown tremendously, but I am getting business from those connections. You can't go wrong with learning from the best of the best, and The Social Media Advisors are definitely at the top of the best!" Patty Benton – Owner, Business Marketing Consultant & Partner

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"Hollie’s easy nature makes it feel more like you are sitting down with one of your best friends than struggling through a business project. Her knowledge is boundless, her professionalism is always a notch above and her input is invaluable.." Reggi Coles – Owner

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